New A31-K52 (10.8V) Asus A52D compatible battery

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A31-K52 (10.8V) Asus A52D compatible battery

Battery Type: Li-ion
Volt:10.8V / 11.1V
Replace battery part number:

70-NXM1B2200Z A32-B53 A41-K52
90-NYX1B1000Y A32-K52 A42-B53
A31-B53 A32-N82 A42-K52
A31-K52 A41-B53 A42-N82

This battery is also compatible with the following models :

ASUS N82 Series
ASUS N82E Series
ASUS N82EI Series
ASUS N82J Series
ASUS N82JQ Series
ASUS N82JV Series
ASUS N82JV-VX020V Series

A40 Series K42DQ P42JC
A40J K42DR P52
A40JA K42F P52 Series
A40JE K42J P52F
A40JP K42JA P52J
A42 K42JB P52JC
A42 Series K42JC P62 Series
A42D K42JE P82 Series
A42DE K42JK PR067 Series
A42DQ K42JR PR08C Series
A42E K42JV PRO5I Series
A42F K42N X42
A42J K52 X42 Series
A42JA K52 Series X42D
A42JC K52D X42DE
A42JE K52DE X42E
A42JK K52DR X42F
A42JR K52F X42J
A42JV K52J X42JB
A52 K52JC X42JK
A52 Series K52JE X42JR
A52F K52JK X42JV
A52J K52JR X52
A52JB K52N X52 Series
A52JC K62 X52D
A52JK K62 Series X52DE
A52JR K62F X52DR
A62 K62J X52F
A62 Series K62JR X52J
B53 N82 Series X52JB
B53 Series N82E X52JC
B53F N82EI X52JE
B53J N82J X52JG
F85 Series N82JQ X52JR
F86 Series N82JV X52N
K42 P42 X5I Series
K42 Series P42 Series X67 Series
K42D P42F X8C Series
K42DE P42J


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  • This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 November, 2016.

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